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Bridging The Gap to Success...

Radio...It Works

Radio has worked for all types of companies for many years and radio can work for you too.

I personally work with some of the largest and smallest companies in South Florida and all of them utilize radio advertising effectively.  Effectively is the key word and I'll tell you why.  I hear from a lot of companies that they tried radio and it didn't work.  The reason that radio didn't work for them might be because they had a representative that just wanted to "close" them and didn't think of the long term value of their relationship.  It might have been because they didn't utilize the station to it's fullest potential.  Another reason could be the commercial they ran on the air wasn't compelling enough.  Lastly, the company might not have cared enough to really see and make a difference.  Radio offers on-air advertising, specific environment advertising (ie: traffic and weather updates, and more), on-line advertising with the opportunity to use  web banners and streaming on the radio stations websites. Furthermore, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a radio station at community events and this is another way to utilize a radio station effectively.  The bottom line is there is no one correct way to succeed in radio.  Account Executives like myself need to dig deeper and really figure out what the goals and plans are for their clients.  This way, we can create a campaign (integrating a mix of on-air, on-line, on-site) to reach the specific goals requested by our clients.

Like anything in life, you need to understand before you succeed.  I want to understand your business concerns so I can coordinate a campaign that will help you and your company succeed. 

My goal is to work with you to develop an effective marketing plan that can help you reach your target consumer.  With 5 radio stations, and 5 station websites, along with event marketing opportunities, CBS Radio offers your company the tools and resources to deliver your message to thousands of South Florida consumers.

Coupled with my 8 years of major market radio experience, I come down to the West Palm Beach market to help point you in the right direction.  Please contact me for a free, no obligation marketing consultation.

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