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Great Ways to Utilize CBS Radio - See the Specialty Sponsorships at the Bottom of the Page too!

Commercials and Sponsorships:  Time tested and proven to have created success for companies of all sizes, on-air advertising is one of the most targeted and efficient mediums of choice today!  Advertisers have the ability to utilize :05, :10. :15, :30 and :60 second commercial spots to reach the “targeted masses.”  Furthermore, companies can sponsor popular reports like traffic, weather, and entertainment to stand out even more!

Streaming / Online Commercials:  One of the freshest and most exciting ways to advertise today is streaming. Streaming, simply put, is the ability to hear a radio station…from that radio stations Website on your computer.  Not only does this help with clarity, but consumers are listening all throughout their work day.  This means that they will be exposed to your message with the ability to visit your Website within seconds of the commercial.  Streaming is very inexpensive - I challenge you to find a cheaper, more efficient option anywhere else.    

Personality Endorsements:  Harness the audience and loyalty that comes with a loved personality.  Personality endorsements are just that - when a personality uses your product or service and then speaks highly about it to their loyal following.  This allows companies to build credibility through the partnership of a 3rd party that already has the trust of the targeted audience they are trying to reach.  Please know that personalities must believe in the product or service in order to endorse it.

Community Events:  Partner up with CBS Radio as we offer a large presence at the most popular events in South Florida.  Not only will your company receive a booth (shared or their own), but they will receive the opportunity to sample their products, hand out information, and hang signage (banners) for all to see.  Furthermore, receive on-air promotional mentions that reach hundreds of thousands of listeners!

Online Webisodes:  Do you have a product that’s visual but you don’t want to spend TV dollars?  Do you have a lot to say and need more time to say it?  Utilize CBS Radio’s “WEBISODES.”  Similar to an infomercial, webisodes are 5 to 10 minute visual commercials or informative content about your company that we promote both online AND on air (on the radio).  Best of all CBS Radio can help you create and produce the commercial FREE OF CHARGE for online execution!

Online “Pre-Rolls”
: CBS Radio is sending thousands of listeners to our streams everyday.  In order to hear the stream, a streaming player has to pop up once on the stations Website.  Before the stream starts to play, there is a :15 or :30 second, non-skip-able commercial that airs.  Anyone who opens the stream has to see this commercial spot.  This is an efficient and inexpensive way to reach people who are obviously interested in the radio station.

Specialy Sponsorhips

1) Hourly Sponsorship:  CBS Radio is offering South Florida businesses the opportunity to OWN an entire hour on one or more of our radio stations.  This means that there will be NO commercials during this hour, just live promotional  mentions every time the deejays open up the "mic."  The promotional mentions would sound like this...This hour of commercial free music is brought to you by "Your Company" plus we will add in your tag line and website!  Your CBS Radio station of choice will also air pre-recorded promotional mentions throughout the week leading up to your hourly sponsorship which will let our loyal listeners know that this commercial free hour is courtesy of your company.
NO other advertisers will be able to promote themselves within your hour.  This hour is exclusively yours!
2) Sponsorship of the Time:  CBS Radio offers the ability for you to sponsor the time!  CBS Radio Deejays give the time multiple times throughout the day so everytime they open the "mic" and give the time, your company will receive a promotional  mention.  The mention would sound something like this...The time is now 9 o'clock on this beautiful South Florida morning and the time is brought to you by your friends at Time Designs where we design the watch of your dreams. Go to for more information.  **The name Time Designs and the website were given for explanation purposes only.  This is a fictional company and is in no way affiliated with or CBS Radio.**
3) Traffic Sponsorships:  There is only ONE main way to commute to and from work in South Florida and that way is by CAR.  The amount of cars on the road everyday creates traffic jams, accidents, and the need to stay informed.  When people want to know what's happening on the roads throughout morning and afternoon drive times, listeners tune into CBS Radio Traffic Reports which are given every 15 minutes!! 
A sponsorship of a CBS Radio Traffic Report offers an environment that stands out to the listener and gives your company the opportunity to make an impact.