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Online Radio Opportunities

Webisodes - CBS Radio offers webisodes which are 5 to 10 minute commercials or infomercials (or any way to creatively showcase your business) in video form.  CBS Radio can create and produce the video commercial(s) for you for free!  We promote your video on the radio AND online for as long as your webisode is on our websites.  Our on-air personalities drive listeners to our websites by using our on-air personalities.  It has been working very well so far!! 

Streaming - is the term we use in radio which describes that people can listen to (or stream) our radio station from our websites on their computer!  It’s the same exact radio station you hear in your car...but it’s online.  We offer commercials within our stream for a minimal cost and deliver millions of web visitors per month.  The rates are so low because this is a new feature on the CBS Radio stations and we are looking for early adopters.

Pre-rolls Lastly, we offer something called a streaming pre-roll.  When people log onto our websites to stream our radio station (as mentioned above), a streaming player comes up BUT before they are taken to the stream they will see a :30 second, non-skip-able video commercial (TV advertisers can use their tv spot) that they can watch and click on for more info on your company (hot link is embedded into the video that takes people directly to your site).

Along with offering these exciting and new online products, a partnership with our radio stations means that you receive on-air promotional mentions as well which allows your off-line audience (people in the car, etc) to know where to find you on the web if they are interested!