Radio Creates Brands and Builds Businesses

Bridging The Gap to Success...

Radio Is...

  • Affordable -- when you compare spot to spot, radio tends to be one of the least expensive media out there. This allows you to build frequency with your target audience.

  • Targeted -- Radio stations are programmed to appeal to a specific demographic group. CBS Radio owns and operates 5 radio stations in the West Palm Beach market with formats that appeal to all types of consumer groups. Chances are your target customer can be found listening to one or more of CBS Radio stations which can allow you to reach a targeted audience with a targeted message.

  • Psychological -- if you voice the commercials yourself -- hearing your voice makes people feel like they "know" you. People tend to buy from people and businesses they know and trust.

  • Speed -- you can get your message up and running in no time.

  • Loyalty -- listeners choose stations based on the music or shows they like and they tend to be quite loyal to that station. If you know what your customers enjoy listening to, it's an excellent way to reach them.

  • Great Complimentary Medium -- radio works really well when paired with other marketing mediums (like print, direct mail, internet or television).

    In addition, radio listeners have an emotional connection with their “favorite” radio station. They are passionate about the programming and they are more likely to respond to the advertising they hear on their favorite station, whether it be from you, a personality or an announcer. This is proven by station presets and the increasing popularity of streaming stations on the internet. How many presets do you have on your TV? Radio offers a loyal and emotional connection!