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Abacoa Town Center Man's Show

Rough and Ready Man Show:

March 1st, 2008 at Abacoa Town Center in Jupiter.  From 11a-6p


WIRK presents the first annual "Rough and Ready Man Show".  This event will celebrate everything MEN love.  From beer to Cigars, from baseball to bikes, from cars to the DALLAS COWBOY cheerleaders, it will be a festive day for all.  Yes, you read correctly...there will be two (2) of the WORLD FAMOUS Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in attendance!  This is the FIRST man show in the West Palm Beach market in over 5 years!

Several great activities will be happening at Abacoa Town Center on this day.  This is the first day of Spring Training at Roger Dean Stadium.  There will also be a car show as well so along with the people that we expect to be there no matter what, there will most likely be an extra 10,000 people in attendance once the spring training game is over! 

Imagine getting your business in front of 10,000 PLUS local residents all for the very inexpensive inventment levels mentioned below. 

Promotion of the Event

WIRK will pre-promote the event for 4 weeks leading up to the day of the event with over $100,000 in advertising to the most lucrative male radio audience in Palm Beach County.  WIRK will provide live entertainment, FREE CIGARS to the first 500 men who walk through the doors, and will be offering 2 for 1 Budweisers. 

Your business has the opportunity as a sponsor of the event to market to a very loyal, passionate audience!  So come on out and ENJOY being a MAN!!!


Sponsorship Opportunities 

As the stage sponsor for WIRK's Rough and Ready Man's Show on March 1st at Abacoa Town Center,
your company will be seen by all!  The stage/band shell is the focal point of the entire festival.  On the stage, WIRK will be presenting live entertainment, making numerous announcements and this is also where the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders will be to sign autographs . 
Your businesses banner will be prominently displayed on the stage in front of the thousands of consumers in attendance.  You will also receive numerous promotional announcements throughout the day as well as a set amount of streaming commercials (ie: online commercials that run within our stream) on the  Furthermore, your business will receive booth space so you can display and talk about your products or services to all who come by.  
Stage Sponsor is exclusive.
Here is what you will receive:
100 LIVE and pre-recorded promotional announcements that will run from 2/1 to 3/1 promoting your business as the stage sponsor. 
Value; $30,000
100 30 second commercials from 2/1 to 3/1 on WIRK.COM 
Value:  $1,000
One 10x20x booth in a prominent location at the event 
Value:  $2,500
Total Promotional Value:  $36,500
Your investment:               $3,900

Booth and Table Sponsor

Booth and Table Sponsor
As a Booth and table “Sponsor” for WIRK’S Rough & Ready Mans show on March 1st at Abacoa Town Center, you will have the opportunity to be in direct contact with potential consumers. 
This is a fantastic way to introduce your business to this very loyal/passionate group of consumers that listen to WIRK
Here is what you will receive:
100x 30 second recorded promotional announcements that will air from 2/1 to 3/1 promoting your business as a sponsor on
Value:  $1,000
Choose from one of the sponsorship opportunities and levels below...
  • Boat Sponsor: $3,500
  • 10x20 Booth:   $1,500
  • 10x10 Booth:   $450
  • 5x5 Table:       $350